• What is WyFy Club?

    WyFy Club is a shared network created by normal everyday people. Members share a small amount if their home bandwidth and in exchange get access to hotspots world wide. Members can also generate income from the shared internet connection that can bee redeemed for cash, additional services or products. 


  • How Does WyFy Club Make Money?


    Advertising is delivered to mobile WiFi users through the use of the free WyFy Club network. The bulk of the revenue is returned to the members based on usage of their hotspot(s)

  • What Must I Do?

    You can upgrade your supported router by downloading our simple to use software or you can purchase an already configured router and simply plug it into your existing network. Your private network will remain safe and secure and a new public hotspot will be added. 

  • How Much Can I Make?

    There is potential for thousands per year, it is dependent on how much your hotspot is used.

  • How Much Will It Cost Me?

    There is no cost to use WyFy Club.

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